Noor 14-11-2022 om 10:37:27

We hebben het schilderij in goede orde ontvangen. Wat een adembenemend mooi schilderij is het geworden! We zijn er ongelooflijk blij mee! Bedankt en een fijne dag!

Groetjes Noor
(cafe terras)

Judith 14-11-2022 om 09:30:34

I received my painting (Flowers in a blue Vase) yesterday. Since the I have been smiling. Thank you Van Gogh Studio

Kelly Meusen 11-11-2022 om 12:25:30

Very happy with my "Van Gogh". The quality is amazing!
( Vase with Irises against a Yellow Background)

Yvonne 11-10-2022 om 12:34:22

Het schilderij doet volledig aan mijn verwachtingen. Schitterend en ik laat hem snel inlijsten.

Hartelijke groeten Yvonne
(Field with Irises near Arles)

Travis 10-10-2022 om 10:21:06

I received the painting yesterday. It is amazing! Many thanks to you and the artist! I'll send you a photo once it's framed and on the wall.

Thank you again


Lucia Valentino 03-10-2022 om 15:27:57

Van Gogh painted so many beautiful paintings that are not his most famous art works. I have always loved his falling Leaves painting and I visited this romantic location near Arles. Van Gogh Studio's replica is of such high quality that it feels like having a real Van Gogh museum piece in my living room.

Mirese Roy 30-09-2022 om 19:22:49

The original Poppy Flowers were stolen from the museum in Egypt and now I have my own on Poppy Flowers on my wall :). But seriously, my replica is of stunning quality!! Mirese

Bert Pruim 28-09-2022 om 20:26:42

The detail and brush strokes are amazing. Thank you!
(Mountain Landscape behind the Saint-Paul Hospital)

Isabelle Verhoeven 27-09-2022 om 10:54:08

I started reading Van Gogh Studio's blogs on VG a while ago. That made me fall in love with VG as a person. Vincent was such a special person. I am so glad to know of his friendship with the Postman at the railway station in Arles. That's why VG's portrait of his friend is my favorite. So happy with the replica!

Dima Hunter 26-09-2022 om 19:09:32

I have ordered a few times and my almond blossom may become my all time favortite. Love it!

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