Craig 28-03-2024 om 09:09:42

This is an excellent painting and I'm very happy with the quality of the work. Because it's an oil painting on canvas it has a beautiful texture and I can't stop looking at it!
(Starry Night)

M 27-03-2024 om 12:38:45

Love the colors, and the quality of the reproduction! And Erik has answered any and all questions promptly and fully. We will definitely be ordering more!
(Cafe Terrace)

Pink 27-03-2024 om 12:37:49

This original oil painting is fantastic. You could put it against the original and most of the people would not be able to tell them apart. The credit for this copy goes to Eric and his Van Gogh Studio in Amsterdam.
(Starry Night)

R 26-03-2024 om 12:54:27

Erik's incredible hand-painted van Gogh artworks, located only minutes away from Amsterdam's van Gogh Art Museum, truuuuly live up to all his outstanding reviews! Although there was a problem with its delay in customs (through no fault of his known), Erik stayed on top of it completely, until our amazing Starry Night Over the Rhone beauty arrived. You, too, will also be absolutely shocked, just how much it really looks like an original! Thanks again, Erik, for all the beauty you help to continue spreading all over the world! Please consider ordering from him, you most certainly won't be disappointed! 10 STARS to be sure!!
(Starry Night over the Rhone)

Chris 26-03-2024 om 12:53:27

The painting is wonderful. The use of colour and texture are definitely evocative of the great man himself. A fantastic addition to our collection.
(4 cut sunflowers)

Ron 25-03-2024 om 00:23:14

Vy good repro! High quality & speedy.

C. 25-03-2024 om 00:20:52

What a treasure we received! This hand painted reproduction of VVG’s Noon at Rest is so well done and is enhanced with an equally beautiful antique frame. It is now our family heirloom, part of our family lore. The painting was packed and shipped carefully, arriving with a lovely handwritten note. If you are considering a purchase from Erik, please do. There is care in everything he does. Recommend! Recommend!
(Noon, rest from work)

Ron 25-03-2024 om 00:18:20

Beautiful! Top quality and well-shipped.
(Willows at Sunset)

Sam 25-03-2024 om 00:16:43

Next best thing to an original Van Gogh is a hand painted replica of high quality... at a significant fraction of the price! What else can you ask for?

Jorge 11-01-2024 om 17:05:15

The garden I always dreamed of. Van Gogh must have been a dreamer too.
(Garden at Arles)

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