Roberto M. - 20/05/2019 om 22:00

After I read about Van Gogh’s life he became an inspiration for me. It keeps me going for my goals. Vincent van Gogh deserved more appreciation in his life, but he must have enjoyed his road apart from feeling depressed. He was aware of his development creating something unique.

The Four Cut Sunflowers symbolise that he was on the right path. Not much later he was associated with the Sunflower after the sunflowers in the vase series. When I think of giving up, I look at my painting in my living room and go for my goals again.

Thank you from Italy - Roberto

Judith K. - 20/05/2019 om 12:35

The replicas by Van Gogh Studio may be more expensive than some others you find online, but it is well worth it! I want to enjoy my Mulberry Tree for many many years so I just wanted to get the best available quality. And I was blown away when I opened the parcel! Thank you so much. - Judith

George F. - 14/05/2019 om 18:43

Opening the parcel was a pleasure already. The smell of real oil paint. In no way this can be compared with a poster or a print on canvas. The sensation of a piece of art that is hand-painted by an artist who put his soul into it.

Very happy with my own Red Vineyard!

Naomi P. - 09/05/2019 om 14:30

I decided not to frame my painting, only to get it on a stretcher. Van Gogh Studio painted 2 cm extra at the borders to create painted sides around the stretcher. Great effect, great service! Can’t believe I was once happy with a poster.

This is art! Naomi from Germany
(Orchard in Blossom with view of Arles)

Carlos Z. - 08/05/2019 om 13:49

I ordered the Landscape at Twilight from Van Gogh Studio as a test to check the quality. This painting was done by Van Gogh at the end of his life with heavy paintwork. I really wanted Van Gogh style brushstrokes.

I am extremely happy! I was updated on the order status regularly and my questions were answered very fast and friendly. I am going to order two more! Gracias, Carlos

Carla L. - 06/05/2019 om 12:06

I am very content with the oil painted canvas. It is being stretched at the moment. I'll send a photo when I get it back from my framer. All the best, Carla

Claire and Jim - 06/05/2019 om 11:43

The original of Skull with burning cigarette is very small so we chose a larger version. We have always liked this painting as it shows Van Gogh is not only the depressed atist that cut his ear of, but also an artist with a great sense of humour. Claire and Jim

Collin H. - 01/05/2019 om 20:02

I bought from other websites before, but I regret now. The moment I opened the tube with my painting I realised this is the real thing. High quality reproduction is an art!

Thank you so much. I plan to order more from you soon. Collin from Rome.

Henry A. - 01/05/2019 om 00:30

When I saw the Harvest at la Crau in Amsterdam I wished I had it in my home. I felt quite nervous ordering online, but in case you have doubts I really recommend Van Gogh Studio with Erik’s artists with all my heart.

Of course I can’t afford an orignal Van Gogh, but my harvest is truly the best alternative! Henry, Chicago

Christine H. - 01/05/2019 om 00:29

I would like to thank you very much for the reproduction of Van Gogh’s Harvest in Provence that one of your artists painted.

I love the colors and details of the painting. This painting was commissioned for my 55th birthday by my family and will have the pride of place in my home for many years.

Thank you – Christine

Susanne de Klerk - 25/04/2019 om 12:20

We ordered the café terrace at night and soon we will be on our way to Arles to actually have a drink at the café. As a child I had a poster of this painting in my room. Can’t wait to see the original in the museum in The Netherlands.

Erik and his artists actually go to the museum to check the colors as there are so many versions on the internet. Gotta love the professionalism!

Thanks forever from Maastricht! - Susanne

Hernando N. - 24/04/2019 om 14:26

To visit the church in Auvers-sur-Oise and then see Van Gogh’s painting in the museum in Paris was amazing. So this painting was an easy choice for me.

I am really happy with the color, the detail and the Van Gogh style of using the paint.

Thank you Erik and artists from Spain – Hernando

Ben K. - 23/04/2019 om 11:43

I ordered three paintings in the Olive Grove series. The colors are amazing and the thick paint is like the original Van Goghs.

I am very impressed with the quality and I love the fact that they are painted their original size.

All the best from New York – Ben

Angela Puppe - 21/04/2019 om 22:30

The Flower Garden brightens up my house. It is really Van Gogh’s colourful style that I like and Van Gogh Studio did a fantastic job. Could not be happier. Highly recommended.

Thank you Erik!
Regards, Angela

Farah B. - 19/04/2019 om 13:55

Such a sweet little Van Gogh painting! The style with its thick brushstrokes is excellent. My next one will be another Van Gogh that is not world famous. Love to discover the hidden gems. Thank you Erik for your online support!

Collin C. - 18/04/2019 om 11:01

Wow my Olive Grove is just like the original. I ordered it from stock and UPS brought it to me within three days. Erik’s customer service is impressive. This was my first order and it will not be my last. I am thinking of the other paintings from the Olive Tree collection.

Tatiana A. - 17/04/2019 om 10:58

The Kiss has always been my favorite painting. I am so happy with my replica. The artists of Van Gogh Studio definitely know how to paint a Klimt too!

Marc Stekelenburg - 17/04/2019 om 10:53

I can recommend Van Gogh Studio to anyone. My house is becoming like a museum with 6 purchases. Do check out the ‘other masters’ section. Van Gogh Studio is specialised in Van Goghs, but my Monet is very impressive as well. In case you have questions, ask Erik. He guided me to the right choices many times.

Steve R, Indiana, USA - 28/02/2019 om 03:49

We purchased Starry Night over the Rhone, had it framed by professionals, and it is now hanging above our fireplace.. We love it. I look at it many times throughout each day. As for the customer service — 15 stars.

Marc B. - 27/02/2019 om 15:59

It's really very close to the orginal of The Cypresses. Your artists know how to paint a Van Gogh, thank you. Regards, Marc

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