Portret van Dr. Gachet Van Gogh reproductie, 1890
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In 1987 waren de Irissen het duurste schilderij ooit voor 108 miljoen gulden, maar dat werd in 1990 overtroffen doordat Hidato Kobayashi 165 miljoen gulden betaalde voor het portret van Dr. Gachet.

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Portret van Dr. Gachet Van Gogh reproductie

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Jonathan - 06-02-2021 14:13


Dr. Gachet arrived today and I could not be more pleased with the result. The painting is everything I was hoping for. Thank you for the attention to detail and the care with this piece, the brush strokes are really beautiful. I am so glad that I purchased this painting from the Van Gogh Studio and that it came from Amsterdam. I would not do it any other way. Thank you again!

I am looking forward to being at the house of Dr. Gachet this summer, and will take your advice and seek out the roots that were his part of his final thoughts. I look forward to a future purchase with you guys on my next Van Gogh piece.

All the best

Jelle Wood - 21-09-2018 14:18

Amazing to have this world famous painting in my living room now. When I look at it, I think of Van Gogh who inspires me every day.