Perzikboom in Bloei, Van Gogh reproductie, geschilderd in olieverf op doek 5 2
Perzikboom in Bloei, Van Gogh reproductie, geschilderd in olieverf op doek
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"..en toen heb ik op mijn schilderij geschreven Souvenir de Mauve Vincent & Theo.. Het leek me dat het ter nagedachtenis aan Mauve iets teders én heel vrolijks moest zijn"

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Prijs per schilderij, in beschermende koker.


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detail Perzikboom in bloei reproduction

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Henry M. -

The thickness of the paint, the typical van Gogh brushstrokes. I love it!! Thank you, Henry

Daniel -

I thank Van Gogh Studio very much for this painting!
The frontman of the VGS communicating with the customers is Erik van der Velde, who is absolutely proffesional, pro-customer oriented, responsive - only positives.
As an owner, this way he knows his customers directly.

I also like the fact, that this studio is dedicated to VVGogh`s lifework, that it is located right in the Netherlands - If I would be a VVG loving artist, I would like to work right there. :)

The painting itself, which I wanted in original size, is perfect, absolutely truthful, the colours are perfect.
Now we have an original painting at home. An untrained eye would not recognize the difference.

I am happy.

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