Korenveld met Cipressen bij de Haute Galline Van Gogh Reproductie, 1889
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Het Korenveld met Cipressen bij de Haute Galline beschouwde Van Gogh als een van zijn beste zomerschilderijen. Het was onderdeel van zijn later beroemde serie met korenvelden.

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Korenveld met Cipressen bij de Haute Galline

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Daryl - 09-08-2021 14:14

Hi Erik,

I saw the paintings when I brought them to the framer, and I must say, they are beautiful. Thanks again for the excellent work. :)

Even the framer himself said he's never seen such high quality reproductions before.

- Daryl

Patrick N. - 08-10-2019 10:25

We are living in Provence and wanted a painting which would express all the beauty of that region. The natural choice has been a Van Gogh.

Looking at various alternatives we have selected Erik’s studio in Amsterdam and this was indeed the right thing to do. Not only the process has been seamless, from the web site order to the delivery in a high quality package but the painting itself is absolutely stunning.

It is really so close to the original, and our objective of having a beautiful hand painted masterpiece at home is completely fulfilled. Thanks to Erik and his very talented team.

Carlos Hernandez - 26-08-2019 10:34

My painting was a winner as expected. But Erik’s customers service is something you will enjoy too when you order. I received a discount as I paid in bitcoin (no costs to a credit card company) and this has been a great look into the near future for me. Muchas gracias, Carlos Hernandez

Corin Turin - 18-01-2019 12:17

When my painting has been delivered, I was so excited that I had to ask my friend to open it for me. Soon after, my excitement turned into amazement. WOW! This is a fine work!

I had to wait a bit longer as I didn’t choose an item that is in stock but it was definitely worth it. This won’t be my last order with VGS. And I highly recommend it.

Corin Turin, Casablanca, My Wheat Field with Cypresses