Hand-painted Van Gogh 3D print

painted van Gogh 3D print
Van Gogh Studio produces affordable hand-painted reproductions that look just like the original paintings by the great Vincent Van Gogh.

Inspired by 3D Printing technology developments, we decided to discover possibilities that 3D could offer us and help us deliver better results to our customers. That gave us a very interesting discovery.


The first task was to search the current market for 3D Van Gogh reproductions. We found the top of the bill 3D print at the Van Gogh Museum. A project by Fujifilm showed us the so-called relievos of 'Vase with 15 Sunflowers' and the 'Blossoming Almond Tree.'

The colors, detail, texture, brushstrokes; from a distance, you could easily take these relievos for the real Van Gogh artworks and it was impressive, to say the least.

But we also saw two disadvantages:
  1. The price. A relievo of the ‘Blossoming Almond Tree’ costs 25.000 euro. That is of course a lot cheaper than the original, but still not affordable for many.
  2. The 3D reproduction we saw is not a painting. When you come closer you notice the difference between the relievos and the real painting. A real painting is alive as it is a piece of handcrafted by an artist that applied every single brushstroke.  A real painting smells like oil paint, and you can sense it is art. So in our opinion, this beautiful relievo does not give you the experience of a painting but it’s more like an excellent plastic poster with texture.
And there we had our challenge. We wanted to make a 3D reproduction which could give the experience of an oil painting.

3D printing partner

Since our know-how is in painting and not in 3D printing, we decided to look for a partner and found the perfect one in Custom Prototypes from Canada.
A Toronto-based 3D printing service company, with extensive experience of more than two decades in different applications of 3D printing, Custom Prototypes holds the winner's title in AMUG technical competition 2016 for presenting a 3D printed piece of art work.


By combining forces, we let our best artist paint on top of a blanco 3D print by Custom Prototypes. We chose Van Gogh's famous 'Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat.' Check out the process in the video below and the result we are proud of.

Van Gogh Museum

To finalize our discovery, we checked opinion with visitors in line for the Van Gogh Museum.

It was amazing to see the look on their faces: ‘Is that the real one?’ With the return of the stolen Van Gogh paintings fresh in mind, security came to have a look and complimented us with our beautiful 3D reproduction. 3D reproduction Van Gogh Museum

For Sale

At a price of 2500 USD (including frame and worldwide shipping) we did the job of creating a reproduction which is very close to the original and gives the feel of a real painting.
You can order the 3D Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat here. If you want another Van Gogh to be 3D printed and painted please contact us for more information.

And of course, we keep offering our hand-painted Van Gogh reproductions in oil on canvas for just 600 USD too. Check out the most popular Van Gogh’s here.

Wether it is a hand-painted reroduction in oil on canvas or a painted 3D print; we try to get create your best alternatve to a real Van Gogh!