Woods near Oele Mondrian reproduction oil painting reproductions
Woods near Oele Mondrian reproduction oil painting reproductions
Bos bij Oele Mondriaan reproductie, geschilderd in olieverf op doek
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Bos bij Oele Mondriaan reproductie

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Dr. D. - 18-01-2019 14:49

This is an awesome painting and the reproduction is a perfect match to the original. How do I know? I bought it....and a Piet Mondrian book that shows every work he's ever done. The reproduction is dead on accurate. I also saw the original last year (summer 2018) in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. This reproduction is fantastic.

Erik and Van Gogh Studio are simply the best place to go for reproductions. I've purchased from two other places prior to here and was rather disappointed in the quality of work done. It can be unnerving to send money for a painting that hasn't been painted yet and you can be stuck with something not up to your expectations and then have to fight for what you paid for. Not so with Van Gogh Studios. They produce the best quality work one could hope for.

I've purchased eight paintings from Van Gogh Studio and don't look anywhere else. I'm planning on at least two more and will use Erik again for those. With every email he sends of the finished work, the word I reply with first is always "Wow!" Now I look at my walls and think "hmm, what can Van Gogh Studios put there?" Someday, I will run out of wall space, but I hope not, this is great stuff.