Amandelbloesem Van Gogh reproductie, geschilderd in olieverf op doek
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Van Gogh schilderde de Amandelbloesem voor zijn pasgeboren neefje en naamgenoot Vincent, het zoontje van zijn broer. Met de amandelboom in bloei als symbool voor nieuw leven.

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"Thanks to Erik and his team, the painting is great. Erik provides a perfect service and the delivery has worked excellently.

Greetings from Frankfurt. - Sofia & Christopher"

Amandelbloesem Van Gogh reproductie,

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Jordan Petersen - 14-10-2021 13:04

Wish you could come over to see it framed. My Almond Tree is just like the original in the Museum in Amsterdam. Very happy, thank you.

Steffan Smits - 31-07-2021 09:37

So perhaps my replica is not 100% similar, but at least 99,5%. I am pretty sure it could fool many people in the Van Gogh Museum if we swapped the real one with mine. Or maybe we did ;). Keep doing what you do guys. I’m a more than happy customer and will buy again soon.

Michael van den Heuvel - 10-06-2021 10:33

The painting looks even better than on the website. I am realy amazed by the quality. Van Gogh Studio have really studied Van Gogh’s brushstrokes really well.

Grégory. - 27-05-2021 21:08

Hi Eric,
I just got the painting and it's absolutely brilliant.
Kind regards,

Petr Kapoun - 26-11-2020 14:34

Hi Erik,

I love your work. I can't get enough of those paintings. Thank you!


Antuny Sokoloy - 17-10-2020 11:49

Colors? Check. Brushwork? Check. Form? Check. Lines? Check. Texture? Check. Price? Check. Delivery? Check. Reproduction that looks original? Priceless!

Debrah Griffinder - 15-09-2020 17:53

Being an art aficionado without the millions for an original work, this is as close to art heaven as I can get. A reproduction that looks like an original without costing the price of can understand just how happy I was to receive this today.

Thank you Erik. Because of you, I now own a Van Gogh and because it is such excellent work, I can proudly display it for everyone to see. Money’s worth but more than that, a dream come true.

Quinn Harley - 15-07-2020 22:17

After reading some of the reviews and viewing the paintings, I decided to order the famous ‘Blossoming almond tree’. The painting did meet my expectations and is fabulous in terms of quality. I would gladly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a work of art. Quinn Harley, United States

Tatyana (Ukraine) - 25-05-2020 10:41

I have bought such a wonderful piece of art! The painting “Blossoming almond” is fantastic with bright colors, tender shapes and professional techniques. Thanks a lot to the gallery and artist!

John P. - 18-05-2020 10:42

My home now looks like an art museum thanks to VanGoghStudio. I love this company! I have ordered a number of reproductions from them in the past. My recent order of the Blossoming Almond Tree is an absolute delight. I have seen reproductions of this painting before and I can safely say that this work is far superior! It’s not easy to reproduce Van Gogh’s technique, much less the complexity of lines, form and detail. Yet, who would say that I own a reproduction and not an original!!! The artist is truly talented. Also, the reasonable pricing and timely delivery make everything sweeter.

Ben B - 13-11-2019 18:45

The fact that Vincent painted the Blossoming Almond Tree for his newborn nephew makes it even better. My replica is now admired by my little son . I hope he will love Van Gogh’s work as much as I do. - regards, Ben B.

Danielle von K. - 19-08-2019 11:33

The idea that Vincent painted the Almond Blossom for his nephew is why I have always loved this work. Last year I finally saw it in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. And now I can look at my Almond Blossom every day. The brushstrokes are amazing. Just like the original.

Erik was great in communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommend Van Gogh Studio to every van Gogh lover! Danielle

Judith van der W - 03-06-2019 15:08

My framer was very impressed too! He will contact you as he is interest in selling your art. Please say thank you to the artists. All the best, Judith

Collin H. - 23-04-2019 16:05

I bought from other websites before, but I regret now. The moment I opened the tube with my painting I realised this is the real thing. High quality reproduction is an art!

Thank you so much. I plan to order more from you soon. Collin from Rome.

Béla Tzigana - 20-12-2018 14:09

Hi Erik,

Just received my Blossoming Almond Tree this morning. I have to say it’s way above my expectations. I had formerly purchased another Van Gogh oil reproduction from a local studio here in Budapest and I was pretty happy with it.

My guests always commented it’s not so easy to distinguish it from the original. But this one is a whole different league. Please convey my deepest gratitude to your talented artist and thank you so much for your excellent service.

Béla Tzigana

Anita - 26-02-2018 14:52

After de the buy in autumn 2016, we finally were able to have it framed and now it's beautifully hanging in our livingroom, for us to enjoy daily! Thanks again Erik for your help!

Lars Rystedt - 15-06-2017 11:42

Just came home from Amsterdam after a visit to Van Gogh Studio. Erik showed me some fantastic oil reproduction of Van Gogh’s work. Before I went I had already decided to buy ”Almond in blossum”. On the way home I regretted that I did not buy a couple more paintings availble so I did an additional order over the net and bought a couple of Van Gogh Studio reproductions. They all look amazing. .

Earlier I bought ”15 sunflowers in a vase” printed on canvas from Van Gogh museum. It’s nothing wrong with this one but it looks quite flat and dull in comparison. To get that vibrant texture you want you do need a quality oil reproduction done.

I have bought one or two oil reproductions earlier over the net but was dissapointed to say the least. Poor quality in the finish. Van Gogh Studio however have some really good artist doing the work.

You can of course, if money is no object, buy a 3 D print from Van Gogh museum from the ”Relievo collections” for 25.000 Euro each, but I doubt that non experts like me will enjoy it that much more.

Many thank’s to Erik and the artists at Van Gogh Studio.


Tim B. - 30-05-2017 00:00

My wife likes the paintings, especially the one I bought for her.

We have already taken them to the framing shop.

Sofia & Christopher - 02-03-2017 10:33

Thanks to Erik and his team, the painting is great. Erik provides a perfect service and the delivery has worked excellently.
Greetings from Frankfurt
Sofia & Christopher

Anita - 16-01-2017 19:38

The painting is really beautiful! Thanks Erik van der Velde for your help and pleasant mailcontact. We are looking forward to the moment we can hang our painting in our livingroom :-)

Nereis Moodley - 01-11-2016 18:26

Absolutely beautiful! I can't take my eyes off this gorgeous painting. Also very impressed with the customer service received from Mr. Erik van der Velde. Keep up the wonderful work you all do!